Here are some thoughts on why one should seriously think on stopping to eat meat or animal products in general, and starting a healthy vegetarian diet.

I hope that I can make you “think” a bit about this.

Most people just don’t know all the consequences involved in eating animal products, they are just not aware of it.


So I hope this article will be read by someone who is curious about this topic, and starts to think by himself. Assimilate what I am going to tell you, do your own research on-line, listen to your heart and conscience.

vegan pyramid
Vegan Food Pyramid


Then take action in taking on a healthy vegetarian diet.

  • With a healthy vegetarian diet, especially when you reduce drastically all animal products, you just feel better. You are more energetic, less tired, you are not overweight. You are more clear in your mind, and you are more peaceful, less anxiety.  All in all, you just feel better.
  • Vegetarians and vegans usually live 7 -15 years longer, and that with almost no heart diseases nor diabetes. Less infections or other heavy diseases. And if you should have a heavy disease, the recuperation time is much less.
  • It’s natural to have a healthy vegetarian diet. Our bodies are not made to eat flesh at all. If you compare us with animals that are vegetarian and with the ones that eat meat, you will see that we are clearly made the same way as the vegetarian animals.
  • Do you really want to be responsible for the killing and suffering of animals? Just because you “like” eating them? Studies have shown again and again that we don’t need to eat meat. You can’t argue anymore that we need meat or other animal products to “survive”.
  • “God tells us that animals are there to be eaten.” Please, don’t just repeat what others tell you. Read about it yourself, find out what the original text of the bible tells you.

You will be amazed what you will find out. Why do you think that there are so many Christians who are vegetarian? They are not fanatics; they know their scripture, that’s all.

With a healthy vegetarian diet you will feel better, in all aspects.

And that is what we want right? We all want to do the right thing.

Don’t be afraid that you will be missing out on something.

The vegetarian world has a greater variety of dishes then the meat world. You will be amazed about the different tastes that you will experience with a healthy vegetarian diet.

Your taste-buds will change slowly and you will be able to taste the food a lot better. “You will enjoy more the food”, really, believe me, this is true.

This diet is very good for babies as seen here: it helps you keep healthy.

Here is a really nice video that shows from all aspects why a healthy vegetarian diet is a good choice (animal cruelty, benefits for the planet, benefits for your health, etc.)

An all round look at why vegetarianism is the best thing you could do for you, the planet and animals. No grotesque pictures, just rational information.



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Healthy Vegetarian Diet – Why Become A Vegetarian Or Vegan?

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